Verm-x Wormer 250gm

  • Verm-x Wormer 250gm
  • Verm-x Wormer 250gm
  • Verm-x Wormer 250gm


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100% natural internal parasite control for poultry, ducks and fowl. This product is easy to use, simply put the correct amount of Verm-x pellets(it is one scoop per bird.(scoop is supplied) into their feed for three days in a row every month, alternativly put it in their favourite treat and feed it to them directly. This creates an enviroment in the birds gut in which worms and other internal parasites are unable to live. Remember that any animal with worms will be unhappy and might even go off lay.  

As Verm-X is natural there is no egg withdrawal period and it is suitable to use on birds intended for the table. 

This 250gm bottle will last 5 birds 6 months.

Type Health Products
Brand Annie Hall's Poultry
Tags wormer

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