Treadle Feeder 20kg

  • Treadle Feeder 20kg
  • Treadle Feeder 20kg
  • Treadle Feeder 20kg


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These treadle feeders are brilliant. This one takes a whole sack of food, which should keep you birds happy for a long time and eliminate half empty bags of feed lying around! It is also rat proof, magpie proof and squirrel proof! The chickens and ducks soon learn that they need to step onto the pedal which opens the mouth of the feeder and allows them to eat, leaving minimal mess. Clever, useful and nice looking these treadle feeders are something which we have used ourselves in many of our pens. 

Other sizes are 5kg ,8kg and 12kg

Type Feeder
Brand Annie Hasll's Poultry
Tags Galvanised, Outdoor feeder, Treadle Feeder

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