Ringed Teal Duck (South American)

  • Ringed Teal Duck (South American)
  • Ringed Teal Duck (South American)


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South American Ringed Teal The Ringed Teal is native to most areas of south America, it is a small teal that is very easy to maintain in captivity on a basic waterfowl diet. Over many successive generations the Ringed Teal has adapted to Captivity and become very hardy and can easily withstand a UK winter with no requirement for additional protection provided some open water can be maintained. As with many other southern hemisphere waterfowl the Ringed Teal does not have an eclipse (non breeding) plumage so the striking colours of the males plumage are maintained throughout the year once adult plumage is assumed at about fourteen weeks of age. Due to their small size Ringed Teal can be predated and this perhaps makes them particularly suitable for keeping in an aviary where a higher degree of protection can be provided. They readily become very tame and are a delightful duck to keep. Once established the Ringed Teal have a very strong pair bond and will never be seen far apart, ducklings when hatched are very easy to rear on duck or poultry starter crumbs. I have checked sales prices and they range from £60 to £90 / pair for adult birds. Females can be identified as ducklings as they have a white eye stripe which the drakes do not have.

We have a clutch of these Ducklings available.Please do contact us for more detailed. The Price shown is for a pair , but we are happy to talk to you about more.

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