6kg Green/White Feeder

  • 6kg Green/White Feeder


Usually Available - Collection Only

This is a good  feeder for someone with eight chickens or less. It is good quality plastic and very easy to use; simply pour the food in the top! The height of the tube can be adjusted to ease the flow of food .

This feeder is ideal for indoor use and can be hung up or put on the floor. It can be used outdoors but will need to be put undercover or the food will be ruined when it rains. If you want a large outdoor feeder but have no cover to put it under try the Blenhelm Outdoor feeder or the Galvanised Outdoor Feeder 7.5kg.

This feed can hold 6kg of food.

Type Feeder
Brand Annie Hall's Poultry
Tags 6kg feeder

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