Green/White Drinker 4ltr

  • Green/White Drinker 4ltr


This is a good, 4ltr starter drinker for someone with up to four chickens.

This drinker has legs which can unfold to two different lengths meaning than you can adjust the height to comply with the height of the bird and stop them filling up their water with muck. When the legs are fully unfolded they raise the drinker by 7.5cm. The drinker is made from good quality plastic, has a carry handle and an anti-perch dome.

Remember, hens drink a lot in the summer months and it is better to have bigger rather than smaller water containers, especially if you would occasionlly like to not fill it up every day. This plastic drinker is available in both smaller and larger sizes. If you are using it for ducks who tend to make a mess with their water it is always a good idea to go bigger.


Type Drinkers
Brand Annie Hall's Poultry
Tags Drinker 4ltr

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