Tri Pod Drinker 30ltr

  • Tri Pod Drinker 30ltr
  • Tri Pod Drinker 30ltr


We think these drinkers are fantastic,they have a nice big drinking area, which chickens and Ducks love.

They also have good strong legs,helping them last a good long time.

they come in 3 sizes, 10 ltr, 20ltr and 30ltr.

So if you have 

up to 10 chicken,you will need a 10ltr drinker

up to 20 chickens , you will need a 20ltr drinker

up to 30 chickens, you will need a 30ltr drinker.

As for Ducks, i would get as big as you can,as you know how they love to splosh water around.


Type Drinkers
Brand Bristol Poultry
Tags drinker 30ltr, Tri-pod-drinker

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