6kg Bleinham Out Door Feeder

  • 6kg Bleinham Out Door Feeder


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The 6kg  Blenheim is the best feeder you can get in our plastic range and is suitable for eight hens or less.  

It is made of a very sturdy plastic and comes complete with a large rain hat which will keep your hens' food nice and dry. It is placed on four thick legs which keeps the feeder up and out of the dirt and the deep finned base means that your naughty hens won't be able to flick their food out onto the floor. In summary you will have dry food, less flicked out meaning less chance of vermin, mess and wastage, and no dirt and muck in the feeder. 

An all round good feeder the Blenheim is ideal for those with a few hens in their garden and the experienced smallholder.

Type Feeder
Brand Annie Hall's Poultry
Tags 6kg feeder, Outdoor feeder

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