Getting Your Chickens Home

When you get your chickens home

First of all...

Your new chickens are going to be frightened when they get home, so it is best to put them into their new coop straight away. Try not to hassle them too much on the first day so they can settle in; just let them calm down and relax. If you have a coop with a run leave their pop-hole open, put their food and water just outside the door and they will venture out a little later.

If they are going to roam free in the garden then it is best to leave them in their coop overnight with food and water before letting them out, so they get used to where their home is. This should also ensure that you won’t have to chase them around the garden at night to get them in!


Hens are known as 'point of lay' when they reach 16 weeks old and can start laying from then on. However, most hens will start laying between 20 and 22 weeks old, or sometimes even later. If they are late give your hens a chance, they might be late developers. When they do start laying, your eggs might not immediately look like the supermarket eggs you are used to buying. Young hens often lay eggs with soft shells, funny shaped eggs and very tiny eggs, but don’t worry, as their laying cycle settles the shell will improve along with the size.

If you have any problems or questions with your new birds then please feel free to call us (01454 323258 or 07979 546550) or drop in for a chat. Good Luck!

Please remember: it is always a risk putting any new birds in with your existing flock because the new ones may be immune to different bugs than yours. Our hybrids are vaccinated so will withstand a bigger bactiria challenge, while your others may not. You will be changing the bio-chemistry, which could create a few problems in the beginning. It is always good practise to keep the birds apart for 2 weeks to make sure they are healthy.