Hybrid, Pure Breed or Bantam?

Which birds are best for you?

Hybrid Chickens

Vaccinated ?: If bought from a reputable breeder, hybrid chickens have a full programme of vaccinations which helps keep them healthy.

Lay: All year round.

These are medium sized chickens that have been bred to lay lots and lots of eggs; they should lay between 250 and 300 eggs a year. Hybrid chickens lay all year round, unlike other chickens which will only lay from March to September. Hybrids are some of the friendliest chickens you will meet.

Pure Breed Chickens

Vaccinated ?: Most pure breed chickens will not be vaccinated. This is because vaccine can usually only be bought for a thousand birds at a time, so few breeders are likely to vaccinate on grounds of cost.

Lay: March to September.

There are many different breeds of pure breed chickens to choose from and it can be great fun choosing from the very large to the very beautiful. People get tremendous pleasure from getting a breeding pair and seeing what they can produce themselves.

Bantam Chickens

Vaccinated ?: Most Bantam chickens will not be vaccinated for the same reason as pure breeds.

Lay: March to September.

Bantam chickens  are much smaller birds so many people choose them if they have a small garden; because they are smaller they make far less mess and do less damage. Bantam chickens will lay small eggs from April to September.