About Us

Here at Annie Hall's Poultry we supply chickens and ducks to people mainly in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset (although people come to us from all over the UK). We sell lots of different types of poultry, specialising in hybrid chickens, which are friendly and hardy birds that will lay you fantastic eggs all year round. Our hybrid chickens have all been vaccinated, so you have little to worry about on that score - what more could you ask for?


We also breed hundreds of Ducks every year,They are very popular pets,livening up your garden and just making you laugh.But they haven't just got a pretty face,many of our Ducks are great layers,

 We breed a great deal of Bantams, so if your after some thing small and Beautiful,these are for you. We usually have plenty to choose from.

 You are very welcome to pay us a visit and take as long as you like to wander and choose the chickens you like. We will be at hand to help you and and answer all your questions. Our hybrid hens all live together, so you can choose different breeds knowing that they already know each other. Our chickens have a happy stress free life and are not at all flighty or nervous.

Do remember we don't just sell Birds.We sell every thing you may need to keep your poultry. If your not sure what you need ,we can point you in the right direction.If you are an experienced poultry person,feel free to wonder around.It has been said we are like a sweet shop for the poultry person. Of course we also have our online shop selling everything you may need and pride ourselves on very quick service and delivery.



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