Total Mite Kill 500ml

  • Total Mite Kill 500ml


Total Mite kill is a concentrate liquid which can be used either as a monthly cleaner to prevent red mite or to eradicate them once they appear. It kills mites, fleas and lice, disinfects and kills bacteria. Simply dilute the liquid in a sprayer and soak the house, it will get into all the cracks and crevices where mites live and help to rid your coop of the infestation. Mites are hard to get rid of and you may have to do this more than once but this is a very powerful and effective treatment. 

Signs that your birds have mites include low egg production, signs that they are unwilling to go into their coop and feather pecking.

Type Health Products
Brand Annie Hasll's Poultry
Tags disinfectant

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