Smite Organic 1kg Bucket (Diatomaceous Earth)

  • Smite Organic 1kg Bucket (Diatomaceous Earth)


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A organic mineral that works very well to keep down red mite ,lice and other crawling creatures.

Give you chicken coop a good dusting once a week to keep them at bay.

You can also make a dust bath for your chickens.

 Just put some natural sand in a cat litter tray with a good handful of Smite .

 They will do a great job dusting themselves, keeping lice and red mite down.

This  is a natural product called Diatomaceous Earth.

It is a produced from fossilised diatoms.(hard shelled algae)it cuts into the waxy shells of mites like Red Mite and lice causing them to dehydrate and die as the powder sucks the fluid out of them. 

You can also feed this to the birds as it will dehydrate internal parasites such as worms.

Type Health Products
Brand Annie Hall's Poultry
Tags red mite treatment

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