Smite Liquid 1ltr

  • Smite Liquid 1ltr
  • Smite Liquid 1ltr


Usually Available - Collection Only

This is a very effective cleaner which is designed for use with poultry. This means that you know that the product is safe for the birds and targets everything that you wouldn't want in their house.

For use roughly every month, this product comes with a handy pump top. Simply pump twice into a litre of water in a sprayer and give your hen house a good spray (don't forget under the roosting bars and in the nest boxes). Not only does this keep bactria at bay and sanitise the house but it is also designed to help control red mite. This litre of concentrate liquid will last you ages and so is great value as well as very effective. A must have for your coop.


Type Health Products
Brand Annie Hall's Poultry
Tags Disinfectant, red mite treatment

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