50mtr Electric Fencing Kit

  • 50mtr Electric Fencing Kit


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Electric fencing is some thing I use all the time. We keep thousands of birds behind electric fencing and in my experience it works better than any thing else to keep Mr. Fox out.

It is very easy to install; just unroll the nettiing and push the spikes into the ground. I would put a guy rope in each corner which will keep it nice and tight and stop it sagging down onto the ground.

You can power the fence via the mains or a car battery (battery or HT lead out cable for main not included) which ever suits you and it is very easy to set up. If you need to have a chat about the fencing you can always give us a call and we will talk you through it.


  • 50m of green poultry netting with posts
  • HLC80 dual power energiser
  • Four rigid corner posts
  • Earth stake
  • Spare posts
  • Guy Ropes and pegs
  • Repair Kit
  • KV Tester

Can be powered from 12v battery or from 220v mains. 

Type Electric Fencing
Brand Annie Hall's Poultry
Tags kits

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