Annie Hall’s Poultry – Newsletter, January 2015

Hello everyone! We’re really pleased to say the Annie Hall’s Poultry is re-opening on the 7th March.

Spring is only just round the corner and we thought it might be helpful if we focussed on a few important areas.

We OPEN Saturday 7th March and hope to see you all then. We’ll have chicks hatching, birds in the field and the shop will be fully stocked. The breeding and incubation plan is in hand and we’re looking forward to a steady supply of new chicks and ducklings this season..

Please call in for a look around and a chat.

Health Matters

Spring brings the warmer weather, which we’re all looking forward to, although it’s also the time that red mite likes to make a re-appearance. It is always distressing to see birds covered with red mite and it’s important to have a stock of red mite powder on hand. Remember: if you don’t get on top of red mite before it gets a grip, you’ll be chasing it for months.

It’s also good practice to have a thorough spring clean when the cold weather breaks, giving your chicken housing and surrounding area a thorough clean and disinfect, making good any defects and replacing things that have become worn or broken.

Birds this year

We are expanding our range further in 2015.

The main stay will be our wide stock of different hybrid hens. These are good healthy vaccinated birds at point of lay.We will also have some Blue egg layers.

For those of you who like bantams,  we'll have some lovely looking Pekins this year. We’ll be selling them as chicks, young birds and point of lay.

In the late spring, we’ll also have a range of silkies, which have proved very popular in previous years.

Turning to ducks, Birds available will be white call ducks, apricot call ducks, miniature silver appleyards Indian Runners plus khaki campbells and Cherry Valley laying ducks.

We also hope to have a few different breeds now and again through the season and are planning to have quail and guinea fowl available.

Shop and Feed

Our shop continues to grow and we’re pleased that the on line activity has been strong over the winter.

We believe we now have one of the most complete poultry shops in the country, serving most needs. Please do look at our shop on line.


Easter is a busy time for us, with a lot of people wanting chicks. After all, who can resist chick’s and ducklings at Easter?

Please come and see us – you’re always assured of a warm welcome. Our opening times are 10am to 5pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Best Wishes and we look forward to seeing you

Annie Hall

Tel 01454 323258 or 07979546550